rhyze_imageAbout Us

The group started some 40 years ago in Jersey City’s Lincoln High School under the name “Soul Unlimited” where the original members were Roscoe Taylor, Ellsworth Anderson, Vince Jackson, Richard Menter, Willie Davis and Tommy Lanham. While attending college, the group met Paul Kyser a then young song writer, arranger, and record producer. They developed a musical relationship and Kyser changed the group name to “The Nu-Sound Express, LTD”. After a few years and recording their first single “One More Time”, the group and Paul parted ways. The group changed its name to “The Undefeated Movement”, replaced a couple of members and continued their musical journey playing venues around New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Some 7 years later, they found themselves back in a musical relationship with Paul Kyser for 2nd time. It was at this point, thirty years ago, they changed their name to “Rhyze” and recorded 2 albums. The first on Sam Records titled “Just How Sweet is Your Love”, which was their first hit record and made the billboard national charts and a second album on 20th Century Fox / RCA titled “Rhyze to the Top”, with the members Roscoe Taylor, Ellsworth Anderson, Vince Jackson, Richard Menter, Charles Holmes, Joseph Jo Jo McKnight, Kenny Hicks and Kevin Barbee. 1986 the group grew weary and disbanded, but never lost the music in their hearts and souls. Vince became a member of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church in Jersey City, NJ, where he served as a Deacon and played guitar for the church choir. Richard became an Associate Minister at Upper Room Freewill Baptist Church in Newark, NJ. Roscoe became an Elder at Claremont Lafayette United Presbyterian Church in Jersey City where he formed the CL Voices of Praise Choir and currently serves as musical/choir director. He eventually convinced Ellsworth to pull his bass out of the closet and put his musical skills back to work as the bassist for CL Voices of Praise. Kenny attends Faith Fellowship Church in Sayreville, NJ where he served for 10 years as the conductor of “The Deliverance Band”.

Vince spoke to Roscoe on many occasions over the past 10 years of a recurring dream. That dream was of the group being on stage singing and playing to God’s glory. It seemed that it was meant to be when 2 years ago Paul Kyser, who is a Steward at his North Stelton AME Church and became a gospel record producer, called and said that he would like to produce a gospel CD with the group. Of course, there was no group. We hadn’t played together for 22 years. After contacting most of the old members and adding Kevin Lassiter, who serves as Minister of Music at Central Baptist Church in Jersey City, on keyboards we have what must have been God’s plan all along. So for round 3 of the groups’ relationship with Paul Kyser, we now present to you:
Roscoe Taylor, Ellsworth Anderson, Vince Jackson, Richard Menter,
Kenny Hicks, Charles Holmes and Kevin Lassiter ----- “RHYZE”